Wednesday, November 4, 2009


FAMU is all about retention and recruitment. I had a great time doing this package . Today felt so smooth . I had no bumps in the road . Everything came together quickly and worked out well. For this story I got a little more creative with my shot composition. My favorite shot of the day was this ground shot I got of students walking by the eternal flame. As a Presidential Ambassador I have had the opportunity to go on recruitment trips. I have seen high school students in awe of all the things that FAMU has to offer. There is really no greater feeling than recruiting a prospective student , and then seeing them as a student the following semester. I thought it was refreshing story because , students who are unaware of the recruitment process have a little more insight.

Tallahassee Recession

Different cities around the nation are all falling prey to the recession . Tallahassee is no different. Many Leon county residents still remain unemployed . I drove around the city and didn't find many "Hiring Now" signs . I went to workforce plus and there were so many people looking for a job, I was very saddened . As a soon to be college grad, I would never want to be in those shoes. Within the same plaza there was an unemployment office. I saw a mother of two, making a long trek from the bus stop. She looked like she was struggling , trying to balance a toddler barely walking and a new baby in a stroller. I t was so sad. She and her family were a perfect example of the unemployment scrunch. This story was a pinch of reality for me. Made me realize that nothing is ever promised.

Parking Decals

I must say I am guilty. I waited until the very last day to register my car for decal registration . It was only a few days after the deadline and parking enforcement was handing out tickets and boots to cars without an updated decal. For the first time parking services did not allow students to receive their decals in person. Students and faculty members had to register their cars online. Once the registration was complete, one would have to wait 15 days until the decal arrived. Many students, including myself felt like it was such a hassle and never got it done. So when over 100 cars got tickets and boots , students began taking parking services more seriously. I went on my story in the blazing sun and say the meter maids dishing out tickets carelessly. Many cars were in violation because they did not have decals and were parked in unauthorized areas. You could see students running from classes and buildings trying to save themselves from falling victim to a ticket violation. Personally , as soon as I finished the story I registered my own car to rid myself of the pain and agony of having to pay a fine.

FSU Weekend Rape

I had such a difficult time trying to get this story. First off , I had to go to FSU's campus and get the story . Being that I am a FAMU student I was very unfamiliar with the campus . I rode around for about 30 minutes first trying to find my destination. I was almost late for my scheduled interview with the FSU Public Information Officer. Then once I found the FSU police department , I had to find parking . I had to decide whether or not I as going to park illegally and risk a ticket or tow for the story. Or if I wanted to find parking to spare myself an additional expense. I decided that I would take the risk. I roamed around the campus in the hot sun and collected b-roll of students in their daily lives. I had such a rough day trying to navigate the campus, but I was so happy to get the story completed.


When I was assigned this story , I thought it was very interesting . Never have I heard of law enforcement being able to go into schools and test students for their alcohol levels. I asked a few people around how they thought about it and they thought the story was crazy. I think that although it is seems like a violation of someones rights to search them , during school hours to see if they have consumed alcohol. I do understand as I take into consideration the day and age we live in . If testing students for alcohol levels will help other students remain safe.. then I am all for it in the end . Safety and life is always first .

FAMU Flu Shot

In memory of fallen rattler..Courtney Simms , the FAMU School of Pharmacy hosted a flu shot drive. Simms was and still is one of my good friends. It made my heart smile to see that the school took the initiative to try and save a life with immunizations before it's too late. They gave out free shots to students and faculty members. So I walked into the lobby of the School of Pharmacy and I recognized a few students there to get shots . One of the Pharmacists walked up to me and told me that if I got a shot I would be able to win a surprise gift. At first I contemplated about whether or not I was going to do it. I am terrified of needles . But I went for it . The shot was actually painless. It was very quick and I barely felt anything. So after she put the band aid on my right arm ,where the puncture wound was , she took me into the next room. I put my hand into a cup and pulled a raffle ticket. To my surprise , I won a great gift. I won a Chik-Fil-A sandwich. I was so excited because not only was I able to get a story , but knocked out lunch too! I had a good time collecting interviews and data.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Challenge Day

Getting out on the story was pretty simple. It was clear day , but fairly hot. I enjoyed myself needless to say. I had no problem solidifying an interview for the Challenge Day facilitator or Principal of the schools. Here's a little background information on the story...Rickards Senior High School hosted its first "Challenge Day".Challenge Day is a three day program that promotes self awareness for teens and young adults. I went to the high school and interviewed the principal . She said that the school decided to bring the Challenge Day group to the school because students are under a lot of pressure. A parent of one of the students , was very passionate about the program. She travels around with the California based program. She said that seeing children and young adults transform was the best part of the program because it changes lives.

Halloween "Tow To Go"

The day began very dark and dreary. It was cloudy and the day seemed like it was going to be long . The news team gathered in the newsroom and the producer began assigning stories. With Halloween quickly approaching , AAA Florida Motor Club decided to sponsor a new program called "Tow To GO".The objective of this program is to help drivers who are too intoxicated to drive home. The program was created to keep the roads safe and to create another option for drivers to drive responsibly. I interviewed Brenda Smith , Motor Club manager . She says the program existed for eleven years and saved over 10,000 lives. "Tow To Go" , is not only a privilege for AAA motor club members , but non members as well. The program began on October 29 and ended on Halloween night. Putting this story together worked out very smoothly . I was able to collect video footage of drivers and Halloween costume shops. I spoke with a few Tallahassee residents and students if they knew about the program . Many were unaware and others thought it was a great idea .