Wednesday, November 4, 2009

FSU Weekend Rape

I had such a difficult time trying to get this story. First off , I had to go to FSU's campus and get the story . Being that I am a FAMU student I was very unfamiliar with the campus . I rode around for about 30 minutes first trying to find my destination. I was almost late for my scheduled interview with the FSU Public Information Officer. Then once I found the FSU police department , I had to find parking . I had to decide whether or not I as going to park illegally and risk a ticket or tow for the story. Or if I wanted to find parking to spare myself an additional expense. I decided that I would take the risk. I roamed around the campus in the hot sun and collected b-roll of students in their daily lives. I had such a rough day trying to navigate the campus, but I was so happy to get the story completed.

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