Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tallahassee Recession

Different cities around the nation are all falling prey to the recession . Tallahassee is no different. Many Leon county residents still remain unemployed . I drove around the city and didn't find many "Hiring Now" signs . I went to workforce plus and there were so many people looking for a job, I was very saddened . As a soon to be college grad, I would never want to be in those shoes. Within the same plaza there was an unemployment office. I saw a mother of two, making a long trek from the bus stop. She looked like she was struggling , trying to balance a toddler barely walking and a new baby in a stroller. I t was so sad. She and her family were a perfect example of the unemployment scrunch. This story was a pinch of reality for me. Made me realize that nothing is ever promised.

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