Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween "Tow To Go"

The day began very dark and dreary. It was cloudy and the day seemed like it was going to be long . The news team gathered in the newsroom and the producer began assigning stories. With Halloween quickly approaching , AAA Florida Motor Club decided to sponsor a new program called "Tow To GO".The objective of this program is to help drivers who are too intoxicated to drive home. The program was created to keep the roads safe and to create another option for drivers to drive responsibly. I interviewed Brenda Smith , Motor Club manager . She says the program existed for eleven years and saved over 10,000 lives. "Tow To Go" , is not only a privilege for AAA motor club members , but non members as well. The program began on October 29 and ended on Halloween night. Putting this story together worked out very smoothly . I was able to collect video footage of drivers and Halloween costume shops. I spoke with a few Tallahassee residents and students if they knew about the program . Many were unaware and others thought it was a great idea .

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