Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Parking Decals

I must say I am guilty. I waited until the very last day to register my car for decal registration . It was only a few days after the deadline and parking enforcement was handing out tickets and boots to cars without an updated decal. For the first time parking services did not allow students to receive their decals in person. Students and faculty members had to register their cars online. Once the registration was complete, one would have to wait 15 days until the decal arrived. Many students, including myself felt like it was such a hassle and never got it done. So when over 100 cars got tickets and boots , students began taking parking services more seriously. I went on my story in the blazing sun and say the meter maids dishing out tickets carelessly. Many cars were in violation because they did not have decals and were parked in unauthorized areas. You could see students running from classes and buildings trying to save themselves from falling victim to a ticket violation. Personally , as soon as I finished the story I registered my own car to rid myself of the pain and agony of having to pay a fine.

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